1. How many cameras will you have on the day?

I will have two cameras with me for every event. One is mostly for a back up.

2. How many assistants?

Assistants are available. Request current package sheet for info.

3. How soon can I see the final cut.

Typically your DVD will be deliverd within one month.

4. What will your attire be?

I will always wear black pants. Depending on the weather I will either wear a white, black or grey, long sleeve, button up shirt. I have a big collection of ties and bow ties! Let me know your preference.

5. Is my weding the only wedding being shot that day?


6. Can I select the music for the final cut?

Yes! But feel free to leave it up to me as I have a massive stash and have a good sense of what fits your style. Typically Ill choose a song I herd at your wedding.

7. What kind of experience, background, and education do you have?

Growing up with my mom, a digital artist, and my father, a traditional artist, creativity is in my blood. I attended PRATT Institute in Brooklyn, NY and Cornish College of Art in Seattle, WA where I studied visual communication. For the past three years I have been capturing weddings on video professionally.

8. What type of equipment do you use? Cameras, Microphones, and Lighting?

I use High Definition canon and sony cameras to capture the video. I use a mix of on camera audio and off camera recording systems. I have a light that is typically used for the cake cutting. I do my best to be discrete and respect you and your guests eyes! Nobody likes a bright light in their face.

9. Do you provide written contracts and a guarantee? What are your cancellation terms?

I will not capture a wedding unless a contract has been signed between us. At the time of signing contract 50% of the agreed price is due. You must contact me for cancelation 72 hours before the wedding.

10. does the fee include gratuity?


Questions regarding the video features;

1. Titles (Is there a type face you prefer?)

I typically use a classic serif font. If you would like something hip I suggest a serif font. Let me know I have 10,000+ fonts.

2. Close-up shots of key moments or details.

Please, please, let me know if there is a small important detail you would like to incorporate.

3. Interviews with family, the wedding party and guests.

I sure can incorporate interviews. I will need your assistance in coordinating those.

4. Special effects (speia-toned, slow motion, black-and-white ect.)

I apply color correction to package B.

5. How is the final DVD packaged?

The DVD’s will arrive in a custom, clean designed DVD case.

6. Will I get a copy of the RAW footage?

I offer that as a service. Please request current package sheet.


A note on communication and vision.

I will be working with your vendors and guests during the planning process and on the day of event and I understand how important good communication is. My communication is essential for the flow of your party, especially because I remain invisible (no cameras or lights in your face). I will be able to remain subtle while capturing the most important moments.